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The Right Message To
Convert More Leads

You get exclusive access to the world leader in
B2B copywriting for the A/E/C market and national leader in local digital marketing education which is great for you because you get the right words to deliver results even if you can't read or write.

The Right Market To
Grow Your Business

You get the power of our unique market-analysis tools and experience to attract your ideal customer with ultra-magnetic force. This is amazing because it keeps delivering the best customers day in and day out on auto-pilot to grow your business.

The Right Media To
Maximize Your Results

It is common knowledge when marketing any business that you need a diversified media approach or you'll risk losing momentum. That's why we give you direct mail, digital communications,
radio and video direct-response solutions

World Famous Direct Response Marketing Packages


Package #1:
Startup Business Catalyst

I couldn't believe how fast you got to the heart of our business. Thanks for providing a great plan forward. We'll be asking you to help us grow for sure!
Susan HayesOwner / Re-Feather Your Nest
You have an amazing ability to make complex things simple. You saved me about 3 months of wandering around wondering what to do! Thank you!
Dr. Mitchell Kershner NDOwner / Healthy Chef Dr.

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C'mon, Read This...

  • Vivid Customer Avatar - this gives you the top-of-mind picture you'll need to clearly connect to your customers and lead them to your "just right solution".  Without this, you'll spin your wheels trying to develop a marketing message that matters. ($840.00 Value)
  • Ultra-Clear Unique Selling Proposition (USP) - we'll had you the definition of what you're sell (hint: it's not your product or service).  If you miss this, you'll continue to be competing on price where everyone else is and you'll struggle to have a profitable business model. ($1,680.00 Value)
  • Your Testable Product or Service - In Lean Startup Circles, this is known as the Minimally Viable Product (MVP).  With this definition, you'll know exactly where to start and what to test to be sure your product or service hits the market with a bang. ($630.00 Value)

Early Action Bonus...

  • Quick Action Steps - We'll hand you the keys to the primary activities you need to focus every effort on as you launch your business.  This stops you from going a million directions and never making any progress. ($197.00)
  • Your Top Three Media Choices - this allows you to focus your advertising on the most effective media choices for your niche.  With this you'll be sure to maximize your ROI and learn to test to find the right mix. ($127.00)

Customer Appreciation Bonus...

  • World Famous Mystic Mailer - our enterprise-grade world class autoresponder gives you the power to take your message to the masses fast and easy!  Without this, you'll be struggling to actively segment your list and deliver on-time and on-message marketing campaigns. ($431.00/year)

Valued At Over $3,905.00

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Package #2:
Smart Funnel

Our Exclusive & Complete Lead-Pulling
Done For You Funnel!

This Groundbreaking Service Guarantees To Give You A Hypnotic Lead Generation Funnel To
Instantly Attract Your Best Leads In 30 Days Or Less.
No More Guesswork. No More False Starts!

Here Is What We're Giving You!


    Get results from our expert copywriters and proven web page designers as they give you the essential hub to your very own fire-breathing business-growing lead machine.
  • A/B TEST PAGE & ANALYTICS (Value: $205.00)

    Your success is guaranteed with a second page that is specifically designed to compete head-to-head with your high-converting landing page. This second conversion-optimized page gives you the power to test your offer and get maximum leads with the least effort. We wire up the whole thing and you get industry-grade conversion reports so you can see how great your pages perform!

    You get instant payments from new subscribers. We give you a fully functional "Thank You" page designed to turn freeloaders into long-term customers. This little trick has money plopping into your lap so that you can scale your advertising campaigns and skyrocket your results fast and easy!
  • LOW-RISK OFFER PAGE (Value: $105.00)

    We give you a powerful page to break down the barriers of your upsell with a reduced risk-offer. If your lead doesn't choose the original upsell, we'll present them with an offer that's easier for them to get in on. This has proven to double purchases the first time through the funnel and increases the value of your list immediately.

    The first part of developing a trusted relationship with your list is to give them what they asked for. With this clearly defined goal in mind, we're giving you a professionally designed and expertly protected access page. This access page provides precise instructions on how to take get access to your initial offer and any upsells they grabbed along the way. This exclusive service means you won't be struggling with file protection or customer service issues.
  • FRONT END FOLLOW-UP SERIES (Value: $500.00)

    Get a specially-designed email series of 5 expertly written messages that encourage consumption and sells the next offer. This is the fastest way to have additional products and services purchased by your new customers!
  • UPSELL FOLLOW-UP SERIES (Value: $500.00)

    Get a specially-designed email series of 5 expertly written messages that encourage consumption and sells the next offer. This is the fastest way to have additional products and services purchased by your new customers!

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